Cruise the Great Lakes

The inland seas

The Great Lakes of North America comprise a unique body of water surrounded by diverse landscapes. They are accessed through the St. Lawrence River and the Erie Barge Canal. In surface magnitude, the lakes resemble a series of inland seas where the land sinks over the horizon as cruise ships depart their harbours and head to their next port of call.

About Us

What we do

The GLCA is a cooperative of ports on the Great Lakes and along the St. Lawrence Seaway. We focus on the quality of port facilities, memorable shore excursions and a healthy, sustainable marine environment.



We are committed to building the Great Lakes into a world-class cruise destination and instilling the cruise community with confidence in this unique region.



We represent our members as a unified and supportive team and we foster relationships built on mutual respect with all our associates and ports of call on the Great Lakes.

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We embrace our First Nations colleagues, respect their ancestral territory and represent their contributions to all levels of the industry.

Our Product


The Great Lakes are unrivalled in the variety of their topography, nature-based experiences and the vibrancy of a diverse cultural mosaic. From cosmopolitan cities to small towns and lakeside villages; from inland forested regions to lonely lakes; with resorts hidden in their midst, almost as though nature has camouflaged their presence… the Great Lakes offer boundless stylized itineraries that are the envy of cruise regions around the world.



From the mouth of the St. Lawrence to the far reaches of western Superior, endless adventures await.



GLCA members and associates work together to bring you unrivalled
cruise experiences.


Cruise Lines

Our list of cruise line operators continues to grow as the world discovers our
unique region.

Our Uniqueness

Expedition Cruising

Expedition cruising typically conjures images of icebreakers carving through the North West Passage of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, or a Zodiac navigating the iceberg-flanked Lemar Channel of Antarctica past a regiment of Emperor penguins. Perhaps it’s the towering fjords of New Zealand’s Piopiotahi or the pirate-ridden waters of the Straits of Malacca. All adventurous… all exotic… all quite distant. There is an alternative, far more accessible expedition cruise destination. Welcome to a world of exploration as you’ve never known before. Welcome to the Great Lakes.


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