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Thunder Bay

The Port of Thunder Bay is located at the head of the Great Lakes/St. Lawrence Seaway system and at the heart of the North America Continent. Nestled on the shores of Lake Superior, the city is the largest community on the lake and is recognized as one of Canada’s great outdoor cities and a world class tourism destination. Experience the harmony of a city rich in wide-open green spaces, parks and wilderness – yet a major centre for visual and performing arts, culture and entertaining.

Superior by Nature

Thunder Bay is the home to Sleeping Giant Provincial Park, one of Canada’s great natural wonders. Passive and active outdoor enthusiasts can explore the biological diversity of this great park that protects the harbour. The City is a gateway to some of the world’s most spectacular wilderness and only several kilometres from the Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area, the world’s largest freshwater conservation reserve.

Within the city limits are over 150 developed parks, 34 km of recreational trails, walkways and shoreline waiting to be explored. The city’s southern landscape is dominated by the towering 482 m Mount McKay, known in Ojibway as Thunder Mountain. Visitors can trek the skyline walkway with a magnificent view of the city and harbour. Kakabeka Falls, dubbed Niagara of the North, is a majestic 40 m high waterfall and steep, rock-walled river canyon. Eagle Canyon offers Canada’s longest suspension bridge and zip line, offering unparalleled views and thrills.

Exploration Heritage

When the North West Company built Fort William in 1798, it quickly became a lively community of Scottish traders, French voyageurs and Native trappers. Today, a colourful cast of authentically costumed characters recreates life from that era at Fort William Historical Park – the world’s largest recreated fur trading post and a Top-10 Canadian attraction. Anishnawbae Keeshigun, a traditional pow-wow held annually at Fort William Historical Park offers colourful glimpses of our Native culture.

As the regional economy evolved, immigrants from around the globe were drawn here by new industries, but the forest industry was a special attraction for the Finns. Even today, Thunder Bay boasts one of the largest settlements of Finnish people outside Finland. The ethnic diversity of our community is evident in the omnipresent saunas and the unique shops throughout the community.

Enjoy sensational shopping and delectable dining situated amongst beautiful views and unique and friendly neighbourhoods. A stroll through the various business districts will give you a sample of the city’s many unique retail and culinary offerings. Visit one of the many galleries and craft studios or sample unique culinary creations, including fresh local fish and Thunder Oak Gouda cheese, one of Canada’s finest.

Take a walk through the Past at Founders’ Pioneer Village. An early 1900s heritage village has been recreated with intriguing artefacts on display throughout the site. Hillcrest Park offers a panoramic view of the harbour and the famous Sleeping Giant. The Thunder Bay Art Gallery houses a significant permanent collection of First Nations art that promises to be the highlight of your visit. Additionally, exhibitions by regional, national and international artists offer something for everyone. The Centennial Botanical Conservatory offers a vast glass and concrete structure that houses displays of tropical plants, desert cacti and seasonal flower arrangements. Gateway Casino Thunder Bay, just steps from Marina Park offers visitors a chance to win at one of its many card tables and over 450 slots.

The city is a gateway to Lake Superior expedition cruising. The Pool 6 deep water 268 m (880 ft) long pier, coupled with the Thunder Bay International Airport’s exceptional airlift capacity through Air Canada, Bearskin, Westjet, Northwest, Porter and Wasaya Airlines, make the city an ideal option for cruise departures.


48.24.9 N, 89.16.5 W

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