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Home to more than 8,000 residents, the Port of Goderich has been known nationwide since Victorian times as the “Prettiest Town in Canada.” There is much to see and do in this vibrant port town which sits on the bluffs overlooking the shores of Lake Huron. Goderich’s natural setting along the eastern shore of Lake Huron, known as Ontario’s West Coast, offers a variety of high-quality recreational facilities and amenities for all ages, including playgrounds, beautiful beaches with an extensive boardwalk, and intricate trail systems with breathtaking views of nature and a window to our past with many heritage sites marked along the way

As the largest urban community and the county seat of Huron County, Goderich is surrounded by the most productive agricultural region in Ontario making it a delight for the senses. Fresh, organic food and local wineries, cider houses and breweries make it a delicious place to visit. With its historic square as the epicentre, there is the opportunity to explore its rich and colourful history in the preserved architecture and design of the designated conservation districts.


Goderich’s unique downtown octagonal core, known as The Square, has long been a gem of Canadian Heritage Architecture.

Mouth-watering organic fare, bursting with flavours, colours and aromas are plentiful at farmers’ market.

Outdoor concerts, specialty shops, and outstanding restaurants and cafes dot the downtown.

The Town’s beautiful beaches are cradled by a cliff backdrop and threaded together by a 1.5-kilometre (1-mile) boardwalk.

The famous “double sunset” can be viewed from the shore and then again atop the cliff. Have your camera ready!

The historic Huron County Gaol was established in 1842 and was home to Canada’s last public hanging in 1869. Visit the Behind the Bars exhibit at the octagonal building where actors unfold tales of crimes and stories from prisoners and staff such as Gaoler, Matron, Turnkey, Gaol Surgeon, and servants or family who lived on site.

The Huron County Museum is home to historic and cultural exhibits, both permanent and seasonal, that explore early settlement, agricultural growth and military history, with full-size tanks, locomotives and agricultural oddities.

Additionally, there is shopping available for everyone – whether it is in the creative shops of the Downtown Square or in the shopping centres on the town’s main routes, every taste can find a piece of Goderich to take home with them.

Arts, culture and tradition abound in our coastal town as well offering numerous festivals and events through all seasons, including the annual Celtic Roots Festival. Music and dance are a part of the heritage of our community and each Friday at sunset, the Celtic Blue Highlanders “Pipe Down the Sun”. Theatre and art surround you in the community and performances are often in open air and free to everyone.

The Port, itself, carries on a long tradition of marine heritage. Visitors to the Port of Goderich have been mixing work with pleasure for nearly 200 years. The Goderich Harbour boasts the only deep-water port on Ontario’s West Coast. Around 250 lake freighters and ocean-going vessels annually pass through the break walls and dock alongside the piers to be loaded with salt, grain and calcium chloride.

Goderich is the largest urban community, owing to the discovery of salt in 1866 when prospector Samuel Platt was on a quest for black gold. This evolved into the creation of the largest salt mine in the world, located 533 m (1,750 ft) deep and three kilometres (1.9 miles) out under the lake, with a capacity to draw about nine million tons of salt a year.

Recent work is constructing new dock space and adjacent wharf area to allow a variety of new cargoes to be accommodated. The Port of Goderich is owned by the Town of Goderich and the administration of the Port is overseen by the Goderich Port Management Corporation.


Port Master
519 525 2945

Sailing Directions
Chart 1291

Accommodation South Pier
Unlimited Length
7.9 m - 8.2 m (26 - 27 ft) depth
To turn ship in basin, depth is 6.7 m (22 ft)

Four tugs available

Fee information

Goderich Municipal Airport

Five minutes north of town

Canadian Coast Guard

At the port

Goderich Port Management Corporation

Rowland Howe
519 524 4247

Economic Development and Tourism

Linda Sicoli
519 524 8344 x226

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