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These are the Great Lakes ports of call.



Inside Passage North Shore of Lake Superior

With the growth of Great Lakes cruising and the emergence of expedition and adventure cruises, the decision was made to develop a new sub-region along the North Shore of Lake Superior.

When the last ice age receded about 14,000 years ago, it left behind Lake Superior… the big lake they call Gchi Gami, which in the native Ojibwe language means… big lake. It also carved out the Inside passage.

The North Shore Inside Passage and its remote resident communities and archipelagos are somewhat off the beaten path, both by water and land. In these latitudes, the night sky is ablaze with the Aurora Borealis. The Trans-Canada Highway hugs the shoreline between Sault Ste. Marie and Thunder Bay, offering magnificent vistas of Lake Superior.

As yet, there are no large commercial docks or mooring walls within the Inside Passage, however,  visiting ships are presented with a number of anchorage sites to access this unique region.


With fleets of kayaks available, guests are offered the opportunity to visit the many uninhabited islands here. Opposite Terrace Bay are the Slate Islands, and travelling west, the archipelago includes Copper, Wilson, Vein, Simpson and St. Ignace Islands. There is also a narrower navigable passage to the north of the channel past Healy and Quarry Islands. Due to their proximity to the mainland, many of the islands are teeming with wildlife.

Guests may visit the small communities along the North Shore for some of the most scenic hiking trails on the Great Lakes. Terrace Bay, Schreiber, Rossport and Red Rock all linked by a network of trails.

The Casque Isle Hiking Trail runs along the cliff edge between the four communities and can be accessed at any point along its route. Whether you’re an enthusiast or a seasoned pro, the trail can be taken on in small segments or conquered all at once. It has been ranked as one of the top ten best hikes in Ontario.


Terrace Bay, the once thriving pulp and paper town, is now a revitalized township focused on eco-tourism. It is also one of the most attractive retirement communities in the North. Currently undergoing a waterfront development project, Terrace Bay will soon be home to a new beach pavilion and boardwalk, making it an excellent destination for cruise guests.

Named after railroad engineer, Sir Collingwood Schreiber, the Township of Schreiber was the key depot from which mostly lumber was shipped. Schreiber is a popular destination for divers as it is the location of the ill-fated luxury yacht, Gunilda that ran aground on McGarvey’s Shoal in 1911. A failed salvage attempt plunged the ship 85 m to her final resting place.

The Village of Rossport is one of those picturesque keyhole hamlets that attract many return visits. The Rossport harbour anchorage site has a depth of almost 23 m (75 ft). It lies in a secluded lagoon, protected by Healy and Quarry Islands. In addition to its inventory of kayaks, Rossport offers a large RIB for longer distance island visits.

Red Rock Township is the westernmost anchorage along the Inside Passage. The bay is protected by St. Ignace Island. Originally a paper mill town, Red Rock was also the site of a POW camp during World War II. A stunning feature for kayakers is the display of petroglyphs along the shoreline. A knowledgeable guide will interpret the ancient artwork. Tours of the town are available, including a hike to Lake Superior Lookout above the Quebec Lodge.


Township of Terrace Bay

PO Box 40, 1 Selkirk Avenue
Terrace Bay, Ontario  P0T 2W0
807 825 3315

Township of Schreiber

PO Box 40, 204 Alberta Street
Schreiber, Ontario  P0T 2S0
807 824 2711

Village of Rossport

Local Services Board
Box 62
Rossport, Ontario  P0T 2R0
807 824 3389
expedition cruise opportunities

Red Rock Township

PO Box 447, 42 Salls Street
Red Rock, Ontario  P0T 2P0
807 886 2245

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