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Navitrans Shipping Agencies

Navitrans Shipping Agencies has expertise in both commercial and operational matters. Our qualified personnel can offer information and assistance for all cruise vessel matters including Great Lakes transits.

Navitrans’ knowledge of local conditions and industry requirements can save our clients valuable time and expenses by encouraging efficient planning and problem-solving. No challenge is too big and no detail is too small.

Navitrans attends all vessels by dedicated qualified staff always attempting to exceed our client's expectations by going above and beyond the call of duty, looking back with pride and ahead with vision.

Ground-level experience combined with an industry-wide overview allows Navitrans a unique perspective on trade patterns and industry trends.

Navitrans handles many exclusive and high-end cruise vessels transiting through the Canadian waters via the St. Lawrence River to the Canadian and US Great Lakes. We specialize in small cruise vessels that form a unique yet exceptional clientele in the Great Lakes.

The company provides a full range of agency services including bunkering, stevedoring and assistance with medical or transportation arrangements and communications liaisons to ship owners, charterers, brokers and other industry stakeholders.

Navitrans makes every effort to keep up to date with shipping industry developments, both locally and internationally, by maintaining its membership and participation in the Seaway Committee, the Shipping Federation of Canada and participating in international presentations organized by the St. Lawrence Seaway Authorities and various port marketing directors.

By building a strong relationship with all ports and various authorities throughout the Great Lakes, Navitrans can assist with building itineraries and making sure existing ones follow the regulations and are cost-effective for every owner willing to navigate through our beautiful region.

Whatever our customers require, we can deliver. Each assigned task will be handled professionally and effectively. Our motto is “Your Agents, Your Way” and we stand by that. Reliability, efficiency and accuracy are our watchwords. These principals will serve our customers well for years to come.

We look forward to assisting you and your good vessels and needs.


4336 St-Martin West
Laval, Québec  H7T 1C3
450 682 4595

Stefanos Scourtellis

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