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Port of Cornwall

Located a short sail from the Port of Montréal, Cornwall offers a package of compelling reasons for you to consider. The port itself has over eight hundred feet of uninterrupted mooring wall, all at a Seaway depth of 26 feet. The port offers parking for a fleet of motor coaches, adjacent to where you tie up your ship. The port environment is an attractive mix of residential and light industrial buildings, and the center of town is a leisurely walk of approximately 15 minutes.

There are several compelling reasons (plus a unique opportunity*) to make Cornwall a port-of-call on your Great Lakes itineraries, which can be broadly defined as in- and out-of-town attractions.

In addition to these attractions, Cornwall’s Downtown area is just minutes away from the harbour and it offers other rich experiences. It sits next to Lamoureux Park, a beautiful waterfront park with an abundance of historical landmarks and recreational paths to enjoy.

*Here is the Cornwall Unique Cruise Opportunity

Cornwall happens to be the closest port to Ottawa, the nation’s capital. The distance is a mere 102 kilometres by road, making a day visit to Ottawa an easy and rewarding opportunity. If this interests you, we are suggesting that you consider a two-night visit to Cornwall to take advantage of these exceptional attractions. The savings on fuel, if you remain for two nights in Cornwall, is substantial.



45.00.49 N, 74.42.42 W


Barry Millett
Harbour Master

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