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Picton Terminals - Doornekamp Construction

Picton Terminals is a family owned business with our head office located in Odessa, Ontario. We also own and operate H.R. Doornekamp Construction, Hendriks Aggregates and Abna Investments. We employee 80 – 100 people and the majority of our business occurs in the Eastern Ontario region.

Our goals at Picton Terminals are to resurrect and update the existing infrastructure and add new infrastructure to provide better import and export services to the regional economy. We plan to expand the existing facilities to allow better, more efficient shipping and to be equipped to receive a variety of products.

Picton Terminals lies just west of the Glenora ferry route. The commercial port’s cliff face displays massive outcrops of limestone. Picton Terminals held an intriguing role during World War II. The port was founded by Bethlehem Steel as a trans-shipment point for iron ore, mined at nearby Marmora Mountain.

An extraordinary 300 m tunnel was excavated through the limestone cliff face. A conveyor system carried ore from a rail line to waiting ships in the port. The tunnel has been fully restored and is used to unload bulk supplies from freighters.

Picton is the mercantile and administrative centre for the County. The town centre is a casual five-minute walk from the marina.

Access to Picton Bay is made from the east on the main navigation channel and into Adolphus Reach channel just west of Amherst Island. Picton is 45 nautical miles from the Cape Vincent pilot station. Much of the passage is in the lea of Prince Edward County, Amherst Island and the mainland.

The anchor location is one nautical mile from the tender landing at the municipal marina. The clay bottom is 7 to 9 m deep and provides good holding for seafaring vessels. The marina’s 30 m wall provides convenient access to motorcoaches.



44°1.65'N, 77°7.65'W


Picton Terminals - Doornekamp Construction
588 Scotland Road
Odessa, Ontario  K0H 2H0
613 386 3033

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