Cruise the Great Lakes


Rich history, diverse cultures and spectacular vistas.
These are the Great Lakes ports of call.



Port Colborne

Welcome to Niagara’s South Coast. Port Colborne is a vibrant lakefront city with much to offer. Picture perfect would be the best way to describe its marvelous harbour and notorious Sugarloaf Marina. During the warmer months, Port Colborne is abuzz with activity as sailing, powerboating and fishing enthusiasts gather to appreciate the charming scenery and trophy catch. Add to this a selection of delightful shops, a variety of restaurants and an active local arts scene, and Port Colborne easily becomes the total package for day-trippers from all over the province. Not just a beach lover’s favourite, the city is also a seasonal draw for golfing on well-groomed courses and cycling on bike-friendly trails. Always proud to celebrate its marine heritage, Port Colborne hopes to surprise in the years ahead as it opens its waters to new experiences and exciting adventures.

Main Attractions

Sugarloaf Marina
Nickel Beach and Centennial-Cedar Bay Beach
Port Colborne Historical and Marine Museum
Roselawn Centre for the Arts
Canal Days Festival
Vale Health and Wellness Centre
Port Colborne Farmers’ Market
Parks, trails and green spaces


Economic Development and Tourism Services
66 Charlotte Street
Port Colborne, Ontario L3K 3C8
905 835 2900 x504

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