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Town of Goderich

The Town of Goderich came into being as an indirect result of the War of 1812. During that war, the settlers in the vicinity of Lake Ontario and Lake Erie had suffered much loss, both from the soldiers billeted on them and from invaders. In an attempt to recompense them, John Galt and a group of investors in England founded the Canada Company in 1827. The British government granted the company 1.1 million acres of the land it had recently acquired from the Chippewa First Nation to support a colonial initiative to develop Huron County.

The town of Goderich exists primarily because of its port. It lies on the southeastern shore of Lake Huron. A trading post was established here at the mouth of the Maitland River in the 1820s. The port soon became a favourite wintering location for schooners.

From the 1840s to the 1960s, more than 100 vessels were built here. Today the port is the hub of commercial shipping in southwestern Ontario. Each year, over 250 ships dock here to load or deliver commodities.

Deemed “The Prettiest Town in Canada,” Goderich has a growing tourism industry. The uniquely designed town centre provides a comfortable atmosphere for guests to take in the many shops, restaurants and galleries.

Goderich’s neighbouring Huron County communities make for delightful day excursions.

The Port of Goderich is one of the best facilities on the Great Lakes. It is the only deepwater port on the eastern shore of Lake Huron. The port is easily accessible and is sheltered behind a massive break wall. Cruise ships tie up at dock 2. With seaway depth and a berth of more than 213 m (699 ft), the dock can facilitate the largest ships able to pass through the St. Lawrence Seaway.

The dock is secure with good motorcoach access for a short transfer to the downtown. The port recently underwent a major expansion.



57 West Street
Goderich, Ontario  N7A 2K5
519 524 8344 x209

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